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Made from 100% Natural Grown Tobacco

MANITOU is made from 100% Virginia Tobacco and WATER. Yes, the secret is that simple - yet not as simple to achieve as we did through years of hard work and dedication! From the very beginning, we made sure that our conscious choice of top-quality tobacco along with our additive-free processing technology would be MANITOU’s most distinguishing feature that would set us apart from the rest of the premium cigarettes in the same category. At MANITOU, we are convinced that our 100% Natural Grown tobacco will deliver more smoking pleasure versus those with artificial flavor enhancers.

With No Harmful Additives and No Synthetic Flavors

Our state-of-the-art production facility located in Germany guarantees that all the tobacco processed in all MANITOU cigarettes are 100% free from any harmful chemical additives like artificial preservatives, humectants or any synthetic flavors commonly found in other popular brands. Unlike other cigarette companies out there, MANITOU cares for you hence we use only the finest premium whole leaf tobacco without adding any reconstituted sheet tobacco in order to provide you the best smoking pleasure that could even surpass the number one brand in its class.

Your Best Alternative to American Spirit Tobacco

If you happen to enjoy smoking American Spirit Tobacco, simply trying out MANITOU as an alternative would definitely be a worthwhile and lasting experience for you! We are not contesting the superior qualities of the other aforementioned brand, we are simply saying that in a way, we are basically created just the same – from Natural Tobacco and Water! Now if both these fine cigarettes are quite the same, then why should you be spending more when you can simply be enjoying more?! Experience the all-natural spirit of MANITOU, created right and priced right -  just for you!

MANITOU is the wiser choice.

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Please bear with us as we constantly try to find more ways to serve you better. Meanwhile just sit-back, relax, enjoy a good smoke and savor the wonderful flavor of MANITOU. 


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